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Stop Spam!

stop spam

Those annoying and useless e-mails that clutter up your Inbox.  Even if you have a spam filter in place, a few spam messages are bound to slip by.  Fortunately, Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to block spammers and prevent them from sending you more e-mails.


Block spam from your Inbox  

The first way to block spam e-mail is to right-click on e-mail in your Inbox and select Junk and then select Block Sender.


Black spam from within the message itself

Your second option is to open the e-mail, select Junk from your Outlook ribbon and then select Block Sender.

In either case, if the spam e-mail address sends you more messages, they'll be automatically sent to your Junk folder rather than your Inbox.


Beyond the accidental click, there is another cause for concern:  

  1. You get an odd e-mail for legitimate address (often a co-worker).  This could indicate that their account has been compromised and being used to send out spam messages.
  2. Your e-mail flow suddenly stops.  This could indicate your account has been compromised.  Often bad actors will set e-mail rules to prevent incoming e-mail from reaching your inbox.

Please report any of these to WYB at  as soon as possible so we can further investigate and take action right away.  The faster the breach can be contained, the better.