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stop spam
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Stop Spam!

stop spam

Those annoying and useless e-mails that clutter up your Inbox.  Even if you have a spam filter in place, a few spam messages are bound to slip by.  Fortunately, Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to block spammers and prevent them from sending you more e-mails.


Block spam from your Inbox  

The first way to block spam e-mail is to right-click on e-mail in your Inbox and select Junk and then select Block Sender.


Black spam from within the message itself

Your second option is to open the e-mail, select Junk from your Outlook ribbon and then select Block Sender.

In either case, if the spam e-mail address sends you more messages, they'll be automatically sent to your Junk folder rather than your Inbox.


Beyond the accidental click, there is another cause for concern:  

  1. You get an odd e-mail for legitimate address (often a co-worker).  This could indicate that their account has been compromised and being used to send out spam messages.
  2. Your e-mail flow suddenly stops.  This could indicate your account has been compromised.  Often bad actors will set e-mail rules to prevent incoming e-mail from reaching your inbox.

Please report any of these to WYB at [email protected]  as soon as possible so we can further investigate and take action right away.  The faster the breach can be contained, the better.