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Success Stories

Plumbing Before and After Website

We are happy to share a website success story! Our client Aladdin’s Plumbing had not updated their website in years and suffered from having an outdated site. Together we reviewed their wants and needs of the site and how they could use it as a tool to better serve their clients instead of a stagnate website with minimal and outdated content. We added call-to-actions, customized their forms, and added images to help in assisting in virtual quotes. Below is a before and after of their website design.


Aladdin Before website redesign


Aladdin after website redesign

Benefits to updating your website

There is no better way to advertise your business than using the internet. Allowing potential clients to find your website and learn about your products and services is the best way to gain customers. However, if your website is outdated, you risk losing leads to competitors. Here is a list of the top reasons we believe you should update your website:

  • Visual Appeal – Your website is a reflection of your company. If your website appears outdated and unorganized, users will receive a bad first impression of your organization. A user is much more likely to trust an organization if its website is, organized, to-date and professional.
  • Mobile-Friendly – Ignoring mobile marketing is a very risky business. Mobile traffic has gone up 222% in the last 7 years, If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are missing out on roughly 50% of your target audience.
  • Call to Actions – Dated websites tend to lack call-to-actions, which prompt the user to take the first step to a sale. whether you want a user to fill a form, call, or sign up for a newsletter, call-to-actions are great ways to interact with the user.
  • Content – If the user is viewing your site looking for useful information, old content may be incorrect and frustrate the user. Fresh content is an important factor to encourage people to revisit your site.
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization is extremely important when you want users to find you organically. If a search engine thinks your competitor has better content than you, they will be ahead of you in search engine results.
  • Risk of getting Hacked – Not updating your website puts your site at risk of getting hacked. An older website relies on older less secure coding and technology, making it much easier for a hacker to break into.
  • Website Speed – Users will leave a site if the load time takes too long. Unkept sites usually have overloaded databases that slow down the site greatly.


If your website is suffering from any of the listed items above, it is time for an update! Contact our friendly team and We’re Your Business to learn what we can do for you. Don’t risk losing any more leads, call today! (800) 595-7118